Our crushing mill, with eight Andersen Super Duo Expellers, allows for the efficient processing of products which require great care in the manner in which they are handled.

At LVO we possess the capability to utilize all or a part of our mill to meet the special needs of our customers. The flexibility of our system design allows batch processing of quantities as small as 25 Tons or continuous processing at the rate of 75 Tons per day for nuts and kernels.

A modular design of integrated processing allows the separation of refining, bleaching, winterizing and deodorizing permitting a specialized approach to each product handled. This design concept results in the ability to customize each segment of the refining process and provides maximum quality control over the entire process.

Continuous refining can be achieved at a rate of 75 Tons per day. Alternatively our independent batch system may be utilized for runs as small as 15 Tons.

One benefit of a small modular facility relates to testing how products respond to different refining approaches. Rather than resorting to large production runs new ideas can be tested under full production conditions in batches as small as 30,000 pounds. New approaches can be efficiently evaluated leading to maximum efficiencies at minimum costs.

A primary corporate goal is the consistent achievement of the highest possible standards of quality. To achieve these standards, all materials, whether inbound, in process or outbound, are subjected to thorough, continuous monitoring in our fully equipped laboratory.

Pre-set quality standards are maintained on an on-line basis utilizing the latest state-of-the-art GLC, near-infrared and refractometric analytical equipment as well as traditional A.O.C.S. methods of analysis.

LVO's highly trained staff have saved our customers considerable time and expense by formulating, developing, and evaluating new concepts in the modern laboratory prior to the commitment to a production run.

With our strategic location in Southern California, one of the fastest growing distribution centers in the world. we enjoy access to major land, air and sea service, permitting a wide range of choice in mode of transportation.

Complementing our location, the utilization of a fully computerized order entry system permits effective organization of production and shipping schedules while allowing the flexibility to serve rush and emergency needs.

Whether your requirements are for single drums, tank trucks, rail cars or export containers, our staff is dedicated to delivering product where and when it is needed.


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